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History of Mosaic of Mirror

For thousands of years, mosaics have been part of interior spaces. It started with a very simple man's arrangement of pebbles into patterns. It involves placing small pieces of pebble, stone, shell, tile, glass, mirror or other materials together to form a pattern. 

Mirror mosaic art is part of the Iranian traditional art and it easily found in Iranian architectural  which are in geometric shapes. The techniques gradually developed through history — from decorative floor and wall surfaces in villas and cathedrals to the modern expression of mosaics as art.

Mosaics can be described as the art of decorating a surface with designs made up of small, closely placed pieces of hard material, or tesserae. Tesserae glass material,  is opaque and brilliant in color and can be manufactured in hundreds of hues.
An Ancient Artform

Mosaic is an art form dating back to ancient times.  It involves placing small pieces of pebble, stone, shell, tile, glass or other material (called tesserae) together to form a pattern.  The designs may be abstract or representational. Many of the methods and techniques of thousands of years ago are still used today.

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