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Moshu Nourishment 1 + 1 (Weight Management)

S$ 52.00

Best Weight Management 

10 packs of Oatmeal replacement biscuits (Seaweed Flavour) + 

10 packs of Probiotics Plant enzyme sweet (Strawberry Flavour)

  • No Starving
  • No Medications
  • No Side Effect
  • No Rebounce
  • Singapore's SGS Tested Reports
  • CPIC Insurance

Seaweed Meal Replacement biscuits have detoxification effect which helps in acne or pimples and slimming healthily. Taking biscuits before meal can also reduce the oil from the meal being absorbed into our body

Probiotics Plant enzymes promotes smooth bowel system and solve constipation issue. It promotes metabolism rate and helps with digestion.